Lead pipes have contaminated water for decades. Biden's new plan will replace them

“It's been 35 years since Congress amended the Safe Drinking Water Act to prohibit the use of pipes that were not lead-free in the country's water systems. But for decades, lead pipes and lead paint have continued to impact millions of people in their homes, schools and daycare centers, contaminating drinking water and producing toxic chemicals in the air.
On Thursday, the Biden administration announced its plan to remove lead pipes and lead paint within the next decade.
"There is no reason in the 21st century for why people are still exposed to this substance that was poisoning people back in the 18th century. There is no good reason," Vice President Harris said during a speech at the AFL-CIO in Washington.
The White House estimates that between six to 10 million households get their drinking water from lead pipes and 24 million homes across the country have lead paint.”
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