Interested in gaining political experience while enhancing your knowledge and gaining expertise in campaigns and politics? Look no further & join our growing skillful team as we work together by offering excellent opportunities to gain a stronghold for your future political aspirations. Whether it is working on a campaign, organizing events, fundraising, field operations, researching, or managing social media; we want your passion and expertise. Upon the successful completion of your tenure at SCDC we will provide you with a letter of recommendation, and seek opportunities to assist in advancing your ambitions beyond the program. We are currently accepting applications for the Fall program that include Fellowships, Internships, and Volunteerism of all ages.


Fellowship Program

The Sussex County Democratic Committee is searching for decidedly ambitious individuals for our Fellowship Program. This alliance with the SCDC will provide the fellowship recipients with the benefit of positioning themselves for a leadership role in our party, gain firsthand knowledge of the current political climate in Sussex County, learn invaluable skills to further their future political aspirations, as well as frame a resume that will allow them to highlight management skills & experience in political techniques.

As expected our fellows will work 10-20 hours per week, they will be appointed the task of a leadership assignment, and accept projects such as working directly with candidates, press events, fundraising & other related campaign proposals that are required from the party. This position is unpaid, however, we are working closely with the College Administrators in obtaining school credit & supplementary opportunities that further the boundaries of this fellowship position. The fellows will report to the Outreach Chair.


Internship Program

The Sussex County Democratic Committee is seeking dedicated and resourceful candidates who would like to grow as individuals, learn about politics & policy and assist with our party presence in Sussex County. You will be asked to collaborate with local campaigns which may include working with candidates directly and gaining knowledge to recruit prospective volunteers. You will work 5-10 hours per week & will be required to reach goals that will best benefit our party by conveying our message to new and seasoned voters. Weekend availability is recommended as we head into the voting season where canvassing will be required for all accepted applicants not working remotely.

Your tasks may include assisting the party with assignments such as the following: communications, event planning, fundraising, multi-media & computer programming. You will be assigned accordingly to your area of interest, and any experience or knowledge you may have previously earned in a related field. The internship is unpaid, however, we are working on providing school credit & additional opportunities beyond the sphere of the internship. Interns will report to the Outreach Chair.


Volunteer Program

 “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in." -Unknown

Would you like to make a difference but cannot commit to either a Fellowship or Internship?

Please join our Volunteer program and work when you are able with the party to focus on elections, candidates & the prosperous future of the SCDC. Your dedication and willingness to help us grow is paramount as we embark on the new and exciting adventures of the Sussex County Democratic Committee!


How To Apply


Fellowship & Internship Program

Please send a resume and brief cover letter to:

Selected applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.         

If you are a high school student interested in an internship you do not need to send a resume or cover letter. Instead, please fill out this online form: High School Application                                                             


Please fill out this online form: Volunteer Application

The Outreach Chair will contact you upon your submission   

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