High Point School Board Slashes Funding

The High Point Regional High School Board of Education approved a budget that dramatically cuts school funding by almost seven percent, and includes the elimination of the school’s substance abuse counselor.

hprhs-450.jpgThe 6.8 percent cut is deep, and will put the school in a big bind if school funding from the State level is reduced. Making up any gap is made very difficult.

The meeting opened with a performance from the high school band, clad in their recently acquired uniforms. Among the positions eliminated by the new budget is the school’s band director.

Most concerning was the action taken on the school’s substance abuse counselor. The agenda noted that the position was to be reduced from full time to three fifths.

However, according to the NJ Herald, late in the meeting after most of those in attendance had left, the board voted instead to eliminate the position entirely. In a statement to the Herald, board president Kyle Vealey explained that the move was made based on data that showed substance abuse rates were in decline.

This comes at a time when the County is experiencing a crisis with heroin addiction. On Wednesday, the Sparta Independent reported that twelve overdoses took place in the past week, resulting in three deaths.

Could it be that having a full time substance abuse counselor on staff may be the reason why substance abuse is in decline at the school?

The board is made up of representatives from municipalities that send students to High Point Regional High School. All nine are registered Republicans. One position is up for election in 2017.