Gottheimer poised to take office

In January, Josh Gottheimer will become Sussex County’s first Democratic Congressional emissary in decades, but the self-described “fiscally conservative and socially progressive” representative elect is already familiarizing himself with Washington, meeting colleagues to be and taking a photograph with other incoming Congress members on the Capitol steps.

House-Freshman-2017-450.jpgHere he is, pictured with the House freshman class of 2017.

Gottheimer has pledged to work with both sides of the aisle—especially critical with Republicans in charge of both Houses of Congress—to address issues he deems critical, such as infrastructure repair, comprehensive tax reform, improved schools and equitable treatment of all.

Scott Garrett, the Republican whom Gottheimer is replacing, had a different approach. Garrett, a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage and a founding member of the “Freedom Caucus,” an offshoot of the right-wing Tea Party movement. That affiliation may be enough to keep him in Washington: According to, the Tea Party faction is promoting him as a possible replacement for Mary Jo White as chair of the Security and Exchange Commission.

Garrett was chairman of the House’s Subcommitteon Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises for the House Financial Services Committee, which oversees the SEC.

In turn, the SEC oversees implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act. Dismantling Dodd-Frank, and thus essentially ending government regulation of the banking industry, is a stated priority of President-elect Donald Trump.