GOP Gubernatorial Candidate against Minimum Wage Increase

The leading Republican candidate for governor has publicly come out against raising New Jersey’s minimum wage, and also opposes requiring private employers to provide paid sick leave.

guadagno-450.jpgCurrent Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno addressed a gas station lobbying group yesterday to declare her opposition.

“Minimum wage was never intended, in my mind, to provide a living wage,” Guadagno said. “It won’t, not in New Jersey. So let’s make minimum wage what it’s supposed to be, and that is a stepping stone up.”

Her remarks demonstrated a tone deafness when it comes to understanding the working poor in this State.

She went on to further explain her unwillingness to provide basic protections to New Jersey’s working class when faced with a choice between going to work or caring for your health in times of illness:

“Should the government dictate to you what you provide to your employees?” she said. “I personally do not believe so.”