Democrat Scott Fadden Challenges Status Quo Republicans

It is with excitement and profound humility that I announce my successful certification as a candidate for the 24th Legislative District Assembly!  Confirmation of my inclusion on the list of confirmed candidates came in early Monday morning via the Secretary of State’s office.  I would like to express my deep gratitude to everyone who helped in the effort to collect signatures for my petition over the last month. Organizations, groups, and individuals rallied around this campaign and made their unified voices heard by helping to place me on the ballot. Having so many people place their trust in my ability to lead as a representative for the 24th District is humbling and is something that I will not forget during this ongoing adventure.

My campaign has received support from all over the 24th Legislative District and beyond. Supporters from all walks of life, different political parties, ideologies, colors, creeds and other backgrounds have heard my message of inclusion, fairness, and unity. Being a proud union member and a proud union representative I know how important unity is — without unity you have no strength. This is what makes our campaign such a grave threat to the status quo politicians currently representing us in Trenton. They seek to keep us all divided along lines of party and ideology, pitting neighbor against neighbor so that we lose focus of the bigger picture: how we all can rally together to improve our communities!  Our current representatives would rather direct their attention and energy to national level issues that they have no influence over or ability change.  Gaslighting tactics such as these only serve to cloud the focus and distract from the real issues right here at home. This kind of political theater must end and a new era of political productivity must begin.


This idea is not some radical, pie in the sky idea, it is the way our democracy is supposed to work!   Elected officials should be fighting for the people, THEIR people, rather than providing two years of absence and then making a mad dash for press and photo-ops during election time. We need to focus on growing our district, protecting the needs of residents who are already here, while also expanding our infrastructure, resources and abilities for the new waves of residents that are clamoring to join our sublime region of northwest New Jersey.  My message of growth, progress, and unity is not mine alone.  It is the longstanding desire that the people of our district have been crying out for in vain.  The time is now to set aside the old way of doing things and bring about a new day of productive leadership and effective cooperation.


Again, I can never explain how honored I am to receive the support of so many people throughout the district.  The encouraging words of affirmation, support, and love will be my motivation throughout this campaign. I look forward to seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones throughout this journey. Together we can bring the priorities of this district back where they belong: focused on the people, not political agendas. Let’s roll up our sleeves and achieve our goals, together!


Scott Fadden

[email protected]

Candidate for 24th Legislative District Assembly


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