Dear Sparta: Condemn disrespect towards U.S. veterans

“We should all condemn the attack mailer sent out on behalf of Republican Congressional candidate Rosemary Becchi, featuring her opponent, Congresswoman and former U.S. Navy lieutenant Mikie Sherril’s name next to a burning American flag.”

To use the image of a burning flag to smear Congresswoman Sherrill is shameful by every measure.  It should have been immediately disavowed and condemned by Ms. Becchi.

Instead, Ms. Becchi attended and sponsored a political event in Sparta on Friday, supporting the re-election of several far right Republican candidates running for local office. Perhaps these elected officials and candidates were unaware that while Ms. Becchi was slanderously distorting the congresswoman's record during her appearance in Sparta, they were embracing her mischaracterization of a Naval lieutenant. Ms. Becchi is endorsing the ultimate betrayal toward any United States veteran by questioning Sherrill’s allegiance to America. 

It's never too late to condemn this type of ruthless behavior, regardless of party affiliation.  Although Ms. Becchi has not disavowed this mailer as of this writing, we can only hope that Sparta’s elected representatives who promoted Ms Becchi’s candidacy on Friday night take the time to condemn it. For the sake of our community, please choose wisely when you vote.