Commentary: The Last Line of Defense

While Hillary Clinton’s vote tally leads Donald Trump by over two million, the Republicans have nonetheless captured the presidency. And while more votes were cast nationwide for Democratic Party senators, the Republicans continue to rule the Senate. The House of Representatives is also in Republican control. Soon, new appointments will tilt the Supreme Court heavily toward the conservative side. The Republican Party has run the table.

Things get even bleaker as you cast your gaze beyond our nation’s capital. Democrats now occupy just 3,129 seats in the state legislatures, compared to the Republicans' 4,170. Starting in January, Republicans will control over two thirds of all state legislative chambers.

But this is not a comment about winning and losing. Instead, it’s about unchecked power.

commState-Trifecta.jpgDonald Trump is completely open about his intention to run his businesses and enrich his own wealth while he is president.

He has already used the office to force the approval of building permits for his construction project in Argentina, held meetings with business partners in India, and used his new position to oppose an offshore wind farm in the UK that may devalue his nearby property.

Remember all the talk about how corrupt Hillary? All the unsubstantiated claims, and all the fruitless investigations designed solely to smear her character? How quaint that all seems now. Trump’s corruption is naked and unabashed.

So, who is left to oppose this?

Do you believe for a moment that the Republican-controlled House or Senate will investigate any of this? Consider also that Trump can even pick his own IRS tax auditor.

You can count on the media to shine light on this, but the media has no teeth. So who’s left?

We are, that’s who.

The work starts in our home town and our home county. Democrats need to take back state houses nationwide to fight the gerrymandering that has placed the House firmly under Republican control. We need to win and hold congressional seats, and break up the Federal trifecta. It is difficult work, often unglamorous, but oh, so rewarding, and needed now more than ever.

Our success in Sussex County, where Hillary lost two-to-one, could serve as a model for the rest of the Party nationwide.