Commentary: Run

There are essentially three ways to get involved and make a difference:

ONE: Be an activist. This is mainly about putting pressure on those in elected office who do not share your political position to change their opinion.

TWO: Work to get people elected who share your position. This is one of the main goals of the Sussex County Democratic Committee. All of our committee’s functions support this.

THREE: Do it yourself and run for office. This is a special person, one I’ve always admired.

scdc-comment.jpgBoth assembly seats in Sussex County’s legislative district (LD24) are up for election in 2017, as is the senate seat. There is also one County Freeholder seat that will be open. All three are held by Republicans.

If you are interested in municipal government, there are by my count forty positions up for election in 2017. They are listed below, but please keep in mind that this is not an official list. Only the municipal and County clerks maintain these records, and they will not be final and official for another few months. But this is a good starting place.

If you want to learn more about serving on a municipal council and what it involved in running for office, the SCDC will hold a Candidates’ Workshop in early 2017. The date is not yet set. The deadline for filing is also not yet announced but it will be in early April.

Of the forty positions listed below, thirty-seven are held by Republicans, one by a Democrat, and two are unoccupied.

Andover Boro: 1
Andover Twp: 2
Branchville: 2
Byram: 2
Frankford: 1
Franklin : 2
Fredon: 4
Green: 2
Hamburg: 2
Hampton: 2
Hardyston: 2
Hopatcong: 2
Lafayette: 2
Montague: 2
Ogdensburg: 2
Sandyston: 1
Stanhope: 2
Stillwater: 1
Sussex: 1
Vernon: 3
Walpack: 1
Wantage: 1