Commentary: President Trump, Good luck helping the working class

Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of the conservative journal, The Weekly Standard, writes:  “Trump and Republicans must redeem the promise to rescue a working class in trouble. That comes first. If that slips, voters are bound to conclude that electing Trump and Republicans didn't matter. Because nothing changed.”

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It’s hard to see how the necessary changes are going to happen with Donald Trump in charge. So far, his transition team, now led by Mike Pence, includes lobbyists and political money men who are likely to favor appointing prospects who espouse a trickle down cure for the economy, one that seems to work for the rich, not for the working class.

That view appears to be shared by the GOP members of Paul Ryan’s caucus in the House of Representatives and Mitch McConnell’s majority in the Senate.

Can a government totally run by Republicans, led by Donald Trump, turn things around for the working class without causing some financial pain to the moneyed class? It’s unlikely. And it’s unlikely that the GOP will have the guts to stand up to the moneyed class and enact those fiscal reforms necessary to “make America great again” for the working class.