Comment: On the final night of the Obama Presidency

Sussex County Democratic Party chairwoman Leslie Huhn shares her thoughts on the final night of the Obama presidency.

scdc-comment.jpgI felt a need to send a note on the final night of the Obama Presidency. Obama will be remembered as the leader that restored hope to a country on the brink of collapse, Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the type of vitriol and obstruction he would face. As we face tomorrow, let us keep in mind that OUR President never quit. Even when the critics attacked his citizenship, his family, questioned his academic record and stoked hatred against him, he returned love. He was thoughtful and methodical in all attempts to make change. Let us learn from his example. It is up to us to keep the hope alive. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Justice is not a prize at the end of the rainbow but a constant struggle.

Do not despair, have faith that we will continue the fight. We will not allow an impostor to destroy our great country. We will act with kindness and fairness, but we will ACT. As leaders of The Sussex Democratic Party, we will lift up and empower those who choose to join us. We will show them by our example that we will never give up or sacrifice our principles. I believe this is our time, I believe we are going to scare the Republican party with our grit and our increasing membership. I believe Democrats throughout our country have had a huge wake up call…that call said “Democracy is not a spectator sport!’

Tomorrow I will be posting a picture of the Obama family to my FB page as my profile picture. There has been a call for all like minded people to do the same to pay tribute to this great President. I hope those with FB will join me.

Thank you all for all you do. You are the ones who keep me going. I am honored to share leadership with all of you!