Christie Veto Deals Blow to Unions - Sussex GOP On Board

On Monday, Gov. Chris Christie vetoed legislation that would have allowed striking workers to collect unemployment benefits while their employers are in violation of labor contracts or agreements.

christie-unions-450.jpgThe governor sent the legislature back a bill “that would ‘would amend "the language of the current law to make it clear that all striking workers are disqualified from receiving benefits.’”

State Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) had originally characterized S2160 as a measure that would “allow workers to express their rights without being starved back to work.”

Christie shot back, saying that “Striking workers … cause their own unemployment by choosing not to work.”

In quashing the measure, Christie lines up with all three of Sussex County’s state legislators. Assembly members Gail Phoebus and Parker Space were “no” voters for the bill, which was passed overwhelmingly by the Democrat-controlled legislature.

Perhaps to the dismay of many of his supporters in local labor unions, State Senator Steve Oroho also voted against the bill.

With all three state lawmakers from Sussex County now on record as opposing this bill, and with its veto meaning workers will suffer its effects, voters in in the County should begin to realize that it is the Democratic Party who really has their back.