Christie Can’t Wait to Cash In on Public Service

When New Jersey re-elected Republican Chris Christie in 2013, they didn’t expect to get a part time governor whose interests are clearly not staying in New Jersey and doing his job.

christie-njr-450.jpgFirst it was a failed presidential nomination bid that consumed most of 2015. During that year, Christie spent all or part of 261 days outside of New Jersey. That’s seventy-two percent of the year.

Unsatisfied with his compensation as governor of our state, Christie now wants to re-write New Jersey’s laws to allow him to profit from his time in public service by cashing in on a book deal while in office.

New Jersey state law bars Christie from profiting if he publishes a book while in office. But with a year left in his term and his hopes dimming for a job in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration, the North Jersey Record reports: “Christie is now in talks with top Democratic and Republican lawmakers to change the law this month to allow him to cash in with a book deal, according to sources who spoke to The Record on the condition of anonymity.”