Our Candidates

Here are the Sussex County Democratic Party candidates for 2017:


Governor of New Jersey

Phil Murphy




New Jersey State Senate
Jen Hamilton



New Jersey Assembly
Kate Matteson

I am excited to bring progressive Democratic representation to our district. As your candidate, I will work to implement policies that serve the people, not special interests. With Democratic leadership, Trenton will finally give the 24th district the recognition we deserve, resulting in prosperity and growth throughout the region. Together, Gina Trish and I will ensure Northwest New Jersey reverses years of Republican misrule. We will represent your independent voices.





New Jersey Assembly
Gina Trish

I am proud to represent the Democrats, the party that represents the Middle Class! As a longtime resident of this District, I look forward to representing the values and aspirations of the people of Sussex, Warren and Morris Counties as we enter a new progressive era of pride and satisfaction. Engaging all free-thinking members of our community to be present and active participants in our democracy will be the key to finally getting the representation in Trenton that we deserve.



Sussex County Freeholder
Dan Perez

My wife Micky and I have been married for 20 years. We have three kids, two dogs, a porch cat, three goats, 20 chickens and hundreds of thousands of very friendly honey bees. I’m an Eagle Scout, a beekeeper and an attorney. I have a law office on Spring Street in Newton.

My record of public service in Sussex County began as a member and vice president of the Frankford Board of Education. One of my early accomplishments as a school board member was to advocate for the return of $100,000 in state aid directly to the local taxpayers. All of the other school districts chose to spend the money instead. I also pressed our administration to post agendas and minutes to the district’s website.


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Branchville Borough Council
Mary Whitesell


Frankford Township Committee
Michael Leonard

I have had a home at Culver Lake in Frankford Township my entire life.  I retired here in 2005, having taught high school science for 35 years in Maryland. I also worked doing fundraising for Clean Water Action, an environmental group for seven years and worked as an industrial hygienist in mold investigation and remediation for 6 years.  As a Committeeman I intend to preserve and protect our excellent Frankford Township School. I will fight to keep the green rural space of the Township intact and will work to prevent introduction of pipelines or fracking operations.


Franklin Borough Common Council
Pat Rowett


Green Township Committee
Pat Heavener


Hampton Township Council
Kailey Denzer-Weiler

I was born and raised in Hampton Township, and am proud to call this place home. I believe that Hampton could greatly benefit from hearing from an engaging young voice that can see the future of our township. My vision for my community is one that can be connected and grow and expand together. My time and experience with nonprofits and public administration give me the know-how to get things done and get everyone involved. I looks forward to 'Bringing Heart to the Heartland' with you!



Hampton Township Council
Kathryn Rotondi



Hardyston Township Council
Michele Van Allen



Stanhope Borough Council
Michael Depew


Stanhope Borough Council
Anthony Riccardi



Hardyston Town Council              

James Corti             

website & Facebook Pages:     https://www.votejamescorti.com/