AN UPDATE ON PLASTIC GRASS FIELDS from Sparta Councilman Dan Chiariello

"Shortly before the Tuesday council meeting, resolution 9-6 was re-worded and re-introduced. The Township will no longer pursue the conversion of the existing natural grass field 1 at Station Park to plastic. The engineer cited environmental concerns with the proximity to wetlands.

Instead, the Township will construct a new $1.5 million plastic surface field at the White Lake complex.
I voted against the measure. In addition to the health, safety, and environmental risks, I am concerned about saddling Sparta taxpayers with this debt. Twice before the voters in Sparta rejected the expense for artificial turf fields when they appeared on the ballot. The message is clear to me.
Consider also how much plastic waste is created after the field’s useful life of 7-10 years. Tons of plastic waste will be dumped in a landfill when the carpet needs replacing. With the implementation of a plastic bag ban in New Jersey next year, how many plastic bags does that field represent?”
Source: Dan Chiariello for Sparta Township Council facebook