Our Party Committee

Our Mission

The Sussex County Democratic Committee (SCDC) is the legal entity representing the Democratic Party in Sussex County, New Jersey.

Members of the Committee are elected by registered Democrats who live in the county. Two registered Democrats from each election district, one man and one woman, may serve on the committee

The primary mission of the SCDC is, through the political system, to promote the principles of the national Democratic Party here in Sussex County. We seek to identify and support candidates for public office whose ideals and approach are compatible with our core principles:

  1. We support the working citizens of our County.
  2. We promote the advancement of middle class, and those who strive to be in the middle class.
  3. We value the interests of individuals before those of corporations.
  4. We seek to enact reasonable government regulations to protect the environment, and to protect consumers from unfair and dangerous corporate practices.
  5. We value the rights and freedoms of all citizens of this county, including those who have difficulty enjoying the same liberties, opportunities, and respect afforded to those who are more fortunate.

We are committed to growing the membership and influence of the Democratic party in Sussex County by forging strong relationships with its communities and giving them a voice in all levels of government. We will also align with local organizations who share our core principles, and work together to achieve common goals.

The Committee meets about eight times a year. Our meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome to attend.

Leslie Huhn
Chairwoman, SCDC