Franklin Borough tables vote on Pride Month proclamation & Commissioners pass inadequate alternate— again

While three Franklin Borough councilmen abruptly voted to table a Pride Month resolution until their June 28th meeting, our county commissioners have decided to move forward with ignoring Pride Month entirely.

Despite approving numerous proclamations already in 2022, including “National County Government Month” — to celebrate themselves in April — the Sussex County Board of Commissioners “pulled the Pride Month resolution from the agenda at the first meeting in June and replaced it with the "Freedom For All" proclamation, which the board approved on June 8.”
Regardless of the fact that the LGBTQ+ community has been historically marginalized, misrepresented, and at an increased risk of discrimination and violence, Deputy Commissioner Director Chris Carney found his Freedom For All proclamation to be an acceptable alternative and added the intent was "to bring people together," and said it “wasn't political.”
What are your thoughts Sussex County — do you feel united yet?