"A Doggone Good Week in New Jersey" - 151 Bills Signed

Check out the GREAT week the State of New Jersey had!  From Governor Phil Murphy:

"A doggone good week in New Jersey – 151 bills signed to help make New Jersey stronger and fairer for everyone who calls our state home, including our four-legged friends.

Here are a few highlights:
🦮We now have a State Dog - the loyal and mighty Seeing Eye Dog!

We became the ninth state to ban the “gay or trans panic” defense. This homophobic defense has no place in the Garden State – where we believe in full equality and dignity for all our residents, no matter who they love or how they identify. 🏳️‍🌈 💙

We authorized online voter registration, ended prison gerrymandering for legislative redistricting, and established the Voting Precinct Transparency Act. We’re stronger as a state when more New Jerseyans can make their voices heard.

We took critical steps to help protect the public health of New Jerseyans by:
💊Helping limit out-of-pocket prescription drug expenses
🚫Making NJ the first state in the nation to impose a permanent ban on flavored vape products
🏥Improving hospital transparency

We’re committed to ensuring the scales of justice work equally for all New Jerseyans.
This week we signed bills to:
⚖️Reform our juvenile justice system
⚖️Streamline our parole system
⚖️Reform requirements for civil asset forfeiture
⚖️Fund violence reduction initiatives

We’ve been cracking down on misclassification since day one. That’s why I signed six more bills to curb this unethical and illegal practice, and uplift our workers.


This was our most productive legislative session in decades - 687 bills that are helping make the state we're so proud to call home stronger, fairer, and more resilient.

Excited to keep moving New Jersey in the right direction: forward."