2023 Fair Banner

The SCDC kindly requests that all donations for the Fair be made by August 2, 2023, in order to ensure their inclusion on the banner. Donations received after this date will be greatly appreciated and used to cover the expenses of the Fair, but will not appear on the banner.

The New Jersey State Fair and Sussex County Farm & Horse Show are on for this year, and the Sussex County Democratic Committee is proud to be a part of it! 

As you know, along with a banner displaying all of the Candidates' names, the SCDC typically has a banner displaying the names of people who have contributed $50 or more to our booth at the fair. We do this to help offset our booth costs - as you may or may not know, the booth, tickets, and marketing materials area significant cost to the SCDC each year. Nonetheless, our representation at the fair is integral to the continued growth of both our committee and to our party presence in the county.

This year, we're rolling out tiered support* options for the banner! In return for your generous support, you can get your name on the banner we display at the fair. 

  • Silver Tier: $50.00
  • Gold Tier: $100.00
  • Platinum Tier: $250.00

As we have witnessed through our canvassing efforts and fundraisers, every bit counts in helping us reach our goals and advancing democratic ideals in the county. The names of those who donate will be displayed in the booth for the entire fair; if you would prefer to offer your support anonymously, or if you would prefer something alternative displayed (like "The Smith Family" or a business name), please email Zoe Heath at [email protected].

Each year, we receive so many positive responses from fair-goers that stop by our booth, many of them thanking us for having a democratic presence at the fair - and we couldn't do that without the help from our members. Thanks in advance for your consideration and support!

*The difference in the tier levels is in visibility - the higher the tier, the higher the name will appear on the banner and the larger the font.



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