Freeholder Attempts Improper SCMUA Appointment

Republican Freeholder Director Phill Crabb attempted to circumvent the law by extending the terms for two existing commissioners of the Sussex County Municipal Utilities before that re-appointment could be legally made.

crabb2.jpgFreeholder Crabb is in jeopardy of losing his position as director when the new year starts. At that time, the two newly elected freeholders will take their positions, and the direction of the board may shift. The New Jersey Herald postulates that Crabb will lose the majority vote that he currently enjoys.

By scheduling an early vote, Crabb attempted to renew the SCMUA commissioner positions for Ronald Petillo and John Sowden. Petillo and Crabb are both members of the Sussex County Republican Committee.

The position of SCMUA commissioner comes with an annual stipend and grandfathered healthcare benefits paid by the County, that may be valued in excess of thirty thousand dollars annually.

Crabb withdrew his request for a vote during the December ninth Freeholder meeting, after being reminded that the laws of the County do not permit this until after the new year starts.