SCDC Turns the Corner

Leadership, dedication, hard work, and scores of volunteers all came together to deliver a Herculean political victory. Sussex County’s fifth congressional district will be represented by Democrat Josh Gottheimer. This is the first time a Democrat has represented the fifth district since 1933, and the first time Sussex County will have Democratic representation in Congress in over three decades.

SCDC_Get_Connected_Get_Involved_Banner_2016.jpgIn the past three election, Republican Scott Garret defeated his Democratic opponent by an average of over forty percentage points. The highest percentage of the vote any Democrat achieved against Garrett was 28%. Yesterday, Josh Gottheimer won 37% of the vote in Sussex County, an improvement of over thirty percent. Josh Gottheimer won the district by a slim margin of 50.5%. Our result in Sussex County, Scott Garrett’s home turf, contributed greatly to that win.

This result was achieved by a Committee that worked tirelessly to raise the funds, manage the resources, and execute on a plan. The SCDC opened a field office in Newton, something not seen in recent memory. We employed a number field operatives who worked for months managing the operation. We attended community events to show the citizens of this County that we are here. Over two hundred people signed up to volunteer at those events and through our web site. We had the manpower and organizational structure to put everyone to work. We made tens of thousands of phone calls. We knocked on doors, canvassing many municipalities.

We worked our tails off, and we delivered.

The SCDC has evolved. We are no longer simply a social group. We are becoming a genuine political action committee, and we are changing the game in Sussex County.

We still have a long way to go. As we grow, we will continue to build our presence at the municipal level. Our field operation will continue to mature. And we will start putting resources into municipal candidates.

To achieve this, we need your support. If you turned away from the Democratic Party in Sussex County in the past, look again, then get involved. If you are disheartened by the Republican control of Congress, the Supreme Court, and now the presidency, you can do something about it.

We building a foundation for future success, and we are already proud of the results. Get connected with us, and get involved.