Rough Play in Final Days before Election

The theft or destruction of Democratic Party campaign signs has been a common occurrence in Sussex County for many years, but the end of the campaign for the fifth congressional district has turned ugly with anti-Semitism.

campaign_signs_450.jpgOn November third, the New Jersey Young Democrats caucus issued a press release condemning the distribution of anti-Semitic literature in several Bergen County schools.

The incident was quickly denounced by Republican candidate Scott Garrett.

On the same day, a family, whose name we will withhold, reported to us that a Josh Gottheimer sign was found in the road at the base of their driveway, with a swastika spray painted on one side and an anti-Semitic slur on the other side. The incident was reported to the State Police.

The disappearance of Democratic Party campaign signs appears to be more prevalent than usual this year. One person reported that all twenty-five signs that he/she had posted are now missing, and confirmed that the road department was not responsible. One sign in Newton was replaced by an image of a dog urinating on Secretary Clinton.

There were many more incidents reported to us, too numerous to recant here.

As we approach Election Day, please keep in mind that this is not a war.  We are neighbors.  Support your candidate, vote, then join together as a community to solve our problems and celebrate our common bond.