Space and Phoebus – What say you about Trump?

Republican leaders across the nation have recognized Trump as a sexual predator who publicly boasts about his prowess and the opportunities that his celebrity affords.  But what about in Sussex County?

sussex-gop.jpgSenator John McCain came forward to say this:...“Donald Trump’s behavior this week, concluding with the disclosure of his demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults, make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy.”

It appears that Congressman Scott Garrett has not yet specifically withdrawn his endorsement of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. However, faced with the fallout from Trump’s bragging about acting the part of a sexual predator, Garret says current Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence should go to the top of the GOP ticket. How this is to be done, or whether it can be done, Garrett doesn’t say. But it appears that Garrett is off the Trump bandwagon.

Not so for enthusiastic Trump supporters Assemblyman Parker Space and his wife Jill. He was an early Trump endorser and she exhibited gushing support for Trump at last summer’s GOP convention. Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus also appears to continue her solid support for Trump. She has heaped praise on “the Donald”, touting his suitability for the office of President of the United States.

So far neither the Spaces nor Phoebus have said anything in reaction to the news of Trump’s admitted predatorial proclivities. This, despite a tsunami of horrified reaction from Republicans and Democrats across the board, including Sussex County’s own Scott Garrett.