Compare these two Congressional endorsements

Two endorsements were announced in the Fifth Congressional District last week. The underlying basis and background of each tells us a lot.

gottheimer-garret.jpgGeneral Wesley Clark, former Supreme Commander of NATO, endorsed Democratic candidate Josh Gottheimer. The reason: Clark’s years of experience working with Gottheimer leads him to conclude that Josh is a problem solver with the ability to compromise to protect our nation’s interests. Incumbent Congressman Scott Garrett on the other hand embodies, “my way or the highway”.

On the same day, Teaneck Mayor Mark Schwarz, nominally a registered Democrat, endorsed Garrett. Why? Apparently because, while Josh and Garrett both support the State of Israel, Schwarz is assured that he can rely on that support from Garrett, whether or not it is in the interest of the United States of America.

Parenthetically,, Schwarz’s bona fides as a Democrat are questionable. For example, he supported Chris Christie’s run for Governor.

Compare the endorsements. One came from a figure with acknowledged world wide experience and credentials; the other from an opportunistic mayor with a narrow agenda.

Apparently, lately, this is the best that Garrett can do.

Rob Jennings reported the endorsements in the New Jersey Herald.