Trump shoots down Christie’s lies

On Sunday, Chris Christie went out on a limb to fabricate history for Donald Trump’s conversion away from “Obama birthism”.

trump-christie-02.jpgYou can see what he had to say here.

And what did “The Donald” do yesterday?  He pulled the rug out from under Christie. He made it clear that the reason why, last Friday, he precipitously gave up his birther “convictions” was an attempt to remove the question from the presidential campaign conversation.

Now, it’s clear that most New Jerseyans would love to see Christie remove himself from state office ASAP. Over two thirds of us disapprove of him and his performance.

But it would be scary if NJ’s unloading of Christie meant that he went on to fill an important position in a Trump presidency. Truly frightening!  The dysfunction surrounding both men is apparent and unnerving. Christie appears to be one of Trump’s most influential advisors. Trump even picked him to lead his transition team. Nevertheless, it looks like Trump and Christie:

  1. Have no idea what the other says at any particular time;
  2. Don’t care what the other (or they themselves) has just said, and spout whatever comes into their minds at any given time; or
  3. Unabashedly, lie.

What is also disconcerting is polling that shows almost half of American voters buy the glib shoot-from-the-hip bluster that Christie and Trump as dishing out. Perhaps it’s shouldn’t be all that surprising to New Jerseyans. Way more than half of us bought the same line of baloney in 2013 when we reelected Chris Christie governor in a landslide. That disaster could happen again, only this time across the nation.

If you’re not afraid for the nation, you’re not paying attention.