Christie lied about Trump's birther conspiracy involvement

Governor Christie has taken on the role of “Liar In Chief” for Donald Trump. Apparently Christie thinks he can bluff through a continual denial of Trump’s birther history even when Trump has given it up.

Trump surrendered the birther position Friday night. Typically gracious (not) he failed to apologize to President Barack Obama. In fact, he weaseled around his responsibility for promoting the untenable birther li...e by blaming it on Hillary Clinton. Nonsense! But that didn’t stop our Governor from asserting that Trump gave up being a birther in 2011. That is demonstrably a blatant lie.

Carl Brodesser-Akner of NJ Advanced Media documents Christie’s perversion of the truth in this post.

The article details the plethora of Trump’s online social media birther posts, all of which wee available to Christie before he spouted off.