Parker Space calls Scott Garrett his “champion”

With coal-rolling, gun-toting Assemblyman Parker Space in his corner, how bad can Scott Garrett be?

Really, is an endorsement from Space the best that Garrett’s people can do to answer Josh Gottheimer’s charge that Garrett failed first responders when he twice voted to kill legislation to provide health care to fireman and policemen injured in the September 11, 2001 attack?This from Terrence T. McDonald of The Jersey Journal:

Assemblyman Parker Space, R-Sparta, a former fire chief for Wantage, called Garrett "a champion" for men and women in uniform.

"Any suggestion otherwise is a shameful smear manufactured to score cheap political points," Space said in the statement. "As a third generation firefighter, I'm deeply offended by the lies cooked up by some Washington, D.C., political operatives in a ploy to obscure the truth here in New Jersey."