Sussex County may pay the price for GOP support of Trump

The Sussex County Republican establishment appears to be “all-in” supporting Donald Trump for President. And that may end up hurting Sussex County.

krillos-jspace.jpgSussex County Republican Committee Vice Chair Jill Space works to be the Trump poster child.

An article in PolitikerNJ points out that the Sussex County GOP position appears to be the minority New Jersey Republican view where it comes to their “all-in” support for Trump. Mainstream Republicans, like State Senator Joe Kyrillos, feel that backing Trump has a political downside. And it’s moderates like him who likely will be the Republicans left standing after November; not Trump supporters like the Sussex County Republican establishment.

Unfortunately, even now the Sussex County GOP delegation to Trenton can’t accomplish anything significant to help our county or its residents. Assemblyman Parker Space and Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus seem to promote bills that are fluff legislation, measures that provide no real benefits. For example, they ballyhoo as a wondrous feat a bill they plan to file declaring that farmer’s markets are a good thing. Really! That’s it! Wow! How underwhelming.

We need to get off the bottom of the list when it comes to state aid. We need help to fix our closed bridges and potholed roads. And, we need state consideration for other of our needs – like getting fair compensation for property owners in the area covered by the Highlands Act. We need bills posted and passed that actually help the residents of Sussex County. It’s clear that our representatives in Trenton have had little success in getting us our share of state help. Part of the problem is that as part of the minority party, they don’t have much leverage. However, it’s going to get even worse if, as predicted in the PolitikerNJ article, our legislators are on the outside of their own party, looking in.