Voters dump Governors disliked as much as Christie is!

Latest polls show that Chris Christie’s approval ratings continue to tank -- although they can’t go much lower -- they’re near rock bottom. Two thirds of New Jerseyans think that he’s a gubernatorial disaster –- 66% of us disapprove of his performance.

christie0001.jpgIn California, they would have thrown Christie out by now. They dumped Governor Gray Davis. And, in 2003, just before Californians dumped him, they liked him better than.we like Christie. Gray’s disapproval rating was 65%.

We have a law for it. Legislation providing for the recall of a New Jersey Governor was enacted in 1995. They unsuccessfully tried to use it on Jon Corzine in 2008. It didn’t work.

However, Christie’s poll numbers (66% disapproval) are worse than Corzine’s were at the time (61%).