SCDC member Carlin trashes Trump drivel

Hardyston’s SCDC Committeewoman Marilyn Carlin reacted to a letter to the editor published in The Record lauding Donald Trump for spending minimal funds promoting his primary campaign.

Marilyn points out that because of the media’s morbid fascination with his megalomaniac persona and inane pronouncements, Trump didn’t have to spend money on promotion. The media did it all for free -- over 2 billion dollars worth.

Marilyn’s letter and the one she responded to appears on The Record's web site.

However, the letters are a little hard to find on The Record’s website. Marilyn’s letter appears in the July 26th list; the letter she responded to appears in the July 22nd list.

They’re reprinted here:

Trump campaign more efficient

Donald Trump has so far spent about $4 million on advertising compared with an estimated $57 million for Hillary Clinton.

They are about tied in recent polls. So Trump's spending has been nearly 15 times more efficient.

If you were talking to the person running Clinton's advertising, would you say, "You're fired"?

The efficiency of the Trump campaign is a great example of what a businessman gets for his money versus what people in government get for their money.

Charles White, Secaucus, July 21

Media created the GOP nominee

Regarding "Trump campaign more efficient" (Your Views, July 22):

The letter states that Donald Trump has spent about $4 million on advertising compared with $57 million for Hillary Clinton. One extremely important fact left out is that Donald Trump, according to Marketwatch, Business Insider and the New York Times and other news media, has received between $2 billion and $3 billion in free air coverage by the media including the so-called "liberal media."

Why? Because Trump is a (un)reality show that has made Trump the candidate for the presidency of these United States. They should all be ashamed of themselves for perpetrating Trump's rhetoric of hate and fear and no real specified plan that he may have for making America great again.

America is great.

Marilyn Carlin, Hamburg, July 24