Close Christie associate admits guilt over use of power

Another party connected with Chris Christie and the Bridgegate scandal has admitted using his power over the New York New Jersey Port Authority for selfish motives.

Samson-Christie1.jpgLast week there was a rumor that Christie’s friend and close associate, David Samson, whom Christie appointed to head the authority, pleaded guilty to improper use of his power for nefarious ends. The rumor is true.

Samson will be sentenced in October. Unfortunately, Samson’s plea does not come with an agreement to cooperate with the Bridgegate investigation. This certainly shows loyalty to Christie, but will not ease the punishment Samson receives for his crime, a felony.

And, further on the subject of covering up for Christie: New Jersey taxpayers have so far paid over $10 million to the law firm Christie hired to obfuscate his connection to Bridgegate, with more to come.

Tom Moran says this has to be Christie’s worst day ever. Well, maybe, maybe not. When all there is to know about Bridgegate finally comes out, if it does, Christie may have an even worse day.