Koch Bros reject Trump; back Garrett; who backs Trump

One set of conservative players that are not put off by Congressman Scott Garrett’s homophobia – the Koch brothers.

Koch-Trump-Garrett.jpgGarrett backs fringe lunatic Donald Trump to lead the United States of America as President.

The Kochs’ have refused to back Trump, expressing abhorrence for his irrational and destructive comments and behavior.

Nevertheless, their creature, the so called Club for Growth, has endorsed Scott Garrett in his close race against Josh Gottheimer in the Fifth Congressional District.

What gives? Do the Kochs’ believe that, despite his bigotry, Garrett is a reliable shill for their pro 1% programs, whereas Trump is a loose cannon who can’t be relied on to forward their objectives? Or, as pro business activists, have they compared Trump’s hype and puffery with his actual business success, determining that most of the time it was obtained at grave cost to trusting business associates and credulous customers duped by Trump’s braggadocio? Maybe from their point of observation, the Kochs’ are better positioned to judge the disaster that Trump’s greed and shallowness would cause to the businesses and citizens of the United States.