Whitman aghast at Christie’s defense of Trump’s jingoism

Chris Christie usually exhibits an uncanny sense of which way the political wind is blowing. He seems to have lost it in the case of Donald Trump’s recent self serving racist attacks on a Federal judge from Indiana who happens to have forbearers who lived in Mexico.

Christie-Whitman.jpgChris Christie's endless ambition leads him to embrace Donald Trump's racism.

Trump went out his way to make it clear he doesn’t like Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Why? Because Judge Curiel has Mexican heritage!

Judge Curiel is overseeing one of several court cases where bilked students are seeking damages stemming from fraud perpetrated by the so-called Trump University. Trump is personally involved. The Judge is upholding the law and isn’t cutting Trump the slack he thinks he deserves. Naturally that makes Judge Curiel a bad guy, i.e., a Mexican who hates Trump.

Former NJ Governor Christie Whitman, a Republican, points out that while it’s outrageous to contemplate a racist self serving xenophobic demagogue occupying the Whitehouse, it’s even worse that a GOP leader like Governor Chris Christie condones Trump’s jingoism.

And it causes us to wonder, what is the moral compass of the myriad of other Republican politicians who jumped on Trump’s bandwagon? Did they not know of Trump’s bigotry? Are they still not aware of it? Are they OK with it?

We don’t have to go outside of Sussex County to find these politicians. Virtually all elected Sussex County Republicans appear to be enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump. Within minutes of the announcement of the failure of Christie’s presidential campaign, Assemblyman Parker Space endorsed Trump. Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus came on board shortly thereafter.

Fortunately for the soul of the Republican Party, this is not true across New Jersey, or across the nation. Prominent GOP politicians like former New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman are speaking out against the pernicious and corrosive campaign Trump is waging and are calling out their peers who condone the un American ideas Trump expresses.