Christie –please get out of the way! Please resign!

Governor Christie should acknowledge that he has abandoned his duties as Governor of New Jersey. He should resign.

New Jersey is in crisis on several fronts, much of it brought on by Christie himself. Now, more than ever, we need competent, attentive leadership to pull our state out of the mire. The incumbent Governor provides no such leadership. He should step aside and let someone take over who cares about our state.

For example, Christie simply ignores the tremendous revenue shortfall our state faces. We rank 48th in the list of states on the basis fiscally soundness. Christie brushes this off. He has given up on finding a way out.

Also, -- the state faces waves of murder and gun violence on the streets of its cities. Christie does nothing to tamp down gun violence. Even though benefits of kowtowing to the NRA are no longer obvious now that Christie abandoned his presidential ambitions, he continues to pander to the NRA by seeking to dilute our state’s strict weapons laws.

Moreover, he refuses to press the federal government take steps to stem the flood of firearms crossing New Jersey’s borders from other states.

And, he continues to pander to the NRA. For example, last week he vetoed legislation seeking to restrict access to guns by domestic violence perpetrators.

And now, he blatantly avoids exercising his gubernatorial duty, and he does so shamelessly, with bombast. He’s ducking his responsibility to find a way to fix to New Jersey’s crumbling infrastructure. He’s leaving the responsibility to do his job to the legislature.

Our state’s Transportation Trust Fund is just about empty. It can’t pay off the loans it took on because Christie used its assets to balance his unrealistic budgets. He continues to ignore the financial crisis which he exacerbated. He washes his hands of the terrible condition of the state’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure his improvident leadership caused. And now, he leaves it to the legislature to find a fix. Thank you Mr. Governor!

Christie should resign and let someone who is willing to do the work, have the job. Instead of using the Governor’s office as a bully pulpit for self promotion, he should direct his full attention to the role he sees as having the best potential for his future aggrandizement -- being Donald Trump’s lap dog. He spends so little time attending to his duties as Governor; can anyone make a cogent argument that New Jersey will miss him? Certainly not two out of three New Jerseyans who disapprove of the way he is conducting, or failing to conduct, the office to which they elected him.