Christie’s approval tanks even further. A surprise?

Chris Christie’s job approval as Governor of New Jersey keeps dropping. A Rutgers Eagleton poll shows 64% of New Jerseyans think he’s doing a poor job, while only 26% think his performance is OK.

christie10.jpgChristie might perform his job better if he turned his focus on the issues and situations facing the state. He should start addressing facts instead of bashing anyone who sees things a little differently than he does.

For example: Asked about a discrepancy in budget revenue figures, instead of addressing the facts raised by David Rosen, Christie attacked the respected head of New Jersey’s Office of Legislative Services, calling him the "Dr. Kevorkian of the numbers". It turned out Dr. Rosen was dead right.

Addressing Atlantic City’s financial collapse, Christie first said he would veto any legislation sent to him if a single word was changed in his approved draft. Then, when Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto suggested that a little discussion on the subject was in order, Christie refused any discussion whatsoever. In typical fashion, Christie jumped on Prieto, calling him a power hungry politician and a mouthpiece for Steve Fulop, Mayor of Jersey City and a possible gubernatorial candidate. With his trademark bullying and bluster he failed to address, or even mention, the many and complicated issues important to Atlantic City and the state. That is except to attack the Atlantic City mayor and other leaders of the city.