2014 CD11 candidate chairs criminal justice panel

Mark Dunec, our 2014 Democratic candidate for Congress in the 11th Congressional District, has not been idle since his campaign.

He chairs the Community Partnership Committee, an advocacy arm of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ.


Last Wednesday, Mark (pictured on left) introduced a panel discussion in Whippany, NJ, titled: Criminal Justice Reform; Formulating the Jewish Response. The panel was diverse and knowledgeable about tackling current criminal justice issues in New Jersey.

James E. Johnson (to the right of Mark) moderated. The panel included (from left to right) Lauren Jones (Assistant Director of Legal Affairs, Anti-Defamation League); Cuqui Rivera (a prominent Latino activist); Paul J. Fishman (United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey); and Ryan Haygood (CEO of the NJ Institute for Social Justice).

The New Jersey Jewish News reported the event.

You can read Mark’s introductory remarks here.