SCDC Chairwoman Huhn Meets with SCEA

On Wednesday, April 6th, SCDC Chairwoman Leslie Huhn met with Representatives from the Sussex County Education Association.  The meeting was designed to encourage SCEA involvement in the political process, in which representatives from both major parties were asked to speak to the group.

LHuhn_Profile_250.JPGChairwoman Huhn described the honor she felt to be speaking before the Association, having come full circle in Sussex County's education system.  Her inspiration came in 2010, stemming from Governor Christie's attacks on education, and his continued funneling of money out of the education system and into the hands of the wealthy in the form of tax breaks for the rich.

"Teachers are the ones who inspired me to become politically active," she explained.  "I know that watching the political process today is demoralizing in many ways.  But now is not the time to turn away!  This county needs teachers and school administrators to become involved.  We must understand that we are the government."

Sussex County Republican Committee Chairman Jerry Scanlon spoke next, after arriving late to the meeting.  His message to the group was quite different.  Scanlon also spoke about being inspired by Chris Christie, and was proud to have work on Christie's campaign for president.  He was eager to share that being selected for the Sussex County Republican Committee afforded him the opportunity to travel to New Hampshire where, for a contribution to their campaigns, he got to meet many of the Republican nominees for President.