Help needed for student voter registration

We’re taking part in an event at the Sussex County Community College in Newton, NJ, to register voters for the primary election scheduled for June 7th. The deadline to register to vote in the primary is May 17th.  We are looking for volunteers to help.

Two volunteers are needed at each of the following dates for this NON-PARTISAN event. These are dates the college provided that will work best for them to host this event.

  • Tuesday, March 22nd – 10 AM- 3 PM:  We need at least two volunteers.
  • Wednesday, March 23rd – 3 PM – 5 PM: We need at least one more volunteer.
  • Tuesday, April 5th – 10 AM- 3 PM:  We need at least two volunteers.
  • Wednesday, April 20th – 3 PM – 7 PM:  We need at least two volunteers.

SCCC_Student-Center1.jpgVoter Registration will be in The Galleria which is basically the 'hall' before the cafeteria in Building D. The Sussex County College Administration is very excited about our participation in this important civic event. The Campus Life & Student Government Clubs will have the registration tables set up when we arrive and should have volunteers from the various groups helping us out as well.

There is 'visitor' parking close by, but the main lot is not a far walk. Visit the website to learn more about the campus:

If you have some time during the above hours, please volunteer and encourage young students and adults to register to vote. We need to bring awareness to the SC citizens how important it is for them to get out and vote!

If you can help out, please contact Michele Van Allen at 201-874-3799; or email [email protected].

As a reminder:  The deadline to register to vote for the June Primary is May 17th.