Did Christie miscalculate?

Shortly after Chris Christie announced leaving the presidential race, Assemblyman Parker Space shifted his endorsement to Donald Trump. Well, sort of.

He basically said “oh well” before jumping onto the Trump bandwagon.

A couple of weeks later, Christie also climbed aboard the Trump bandwagon – big time. He spent the next several days chasing Trump around the country ballyhooing Trump’s stellar leadership qualities, his character and his fitness to lead the United States of America.

However, that’s not what Christie said a couple of months ago. He said exactly the opposite.

New Hampshire’s leading conservative newspaper quickly reacted to Christie’s monumental flip-flop. It cited lack of character as a reason for withdrawing its support of Christie. The Union-Leader apologized for its naiveté in believing Christie was anything but a self serving, clever politician, admitting it was wrong to endorse Christie in the first place. It said, “Boy, were we wrong.”

The Union–Leader isn’t the only paper to recognize that Christie is not fit to run our country, or even our state. Six New Jersey newspapers are asking Christie to resign as governor. The Daily Record is one of the newspapers that did so. The New Jersey Herald did not.

Hitching up to Trump has proven unhappy for Christie; not yet for Space.