New gun laws for Assemblyman Space to flout?

It appears that Barack Obama is about to exercise the powers of the Presidency to reign in the rampant mayhem resulting from willy-nilly access to firearms in our country.

The Washington Post describes the president's anticipated actions.

It remains to be seen how effective the President’s actions will be to stave off mass murders, or the ongoing slaughter on the streets of America. Criminals and mass murderers seem to have little difficulty getting around laws to limit their access to the tools of their trade.

And some legislators want to keep that way. Will Obama’s restrictions provide Assemblyman Parker Space the opportunity to flout yet another gun access law? He doesn’t hide his contempt for laws meant to control the proliferation of weapons. He stated his position clearly in Newton at a debate last October, “There is nothing better than an unregistered gun, believe me.

He really said that! See for yourself: