Garrett, Frelinghuysen and NJ GOP allow terrorist gun buys

Several years ago, New Jersey adopted a law restricting persons on the Federal no fly list from purchasing firearms. The measure passed almost unanimously in the Legislature.

Sussex County’s Alison McHose was one of only two members who voted against it.

It’s the law in New Jersey. However, without a Federal mandate, it doesn’t mean much. A suspected terrorist can easily purchase a weapon elsewhere and bring it into New Jersey. Clearly a Federal ban is necessary.  Unfortunately, there isn’t one. As a result, in the past ten years, out of 2,233 persons on the terrorist watch list who tried to buy guns, 2,043 succeeded. Unless they have already been used in massacres like that in San Bernardino, these weapons are still out there, in the hands of terrorists.

A Republican Representative, Peter King of New York, proposed legislation to stop selling guns to suspected terrorists on the no fly list. King’s GOP colleagues killed the bill. That includes each and every GOP member of New Jersey’s congressional delegation, including Scott Garrett and Rodney Frelinghuysen. They were all in were in on the kill.

Democrats are making Garrett’s obedience to the NRA on the matter an issue in Fifth Congressional District. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is running radio ads calling out Scott Garrett for his folly.

FYI -- Chris Christie is among the New Jersey Republican politicians falling over themselves to please the NRA. Earlier, Governor Christie signed the New Jersey bill banning gun sales to terrorists. Now, Presidential candidate Christie has backed off efforts to keep weapons out of terrorist hands. He’s calling President Obama’s call to action, “absurd”.