Oroho, Space and Phoebus bend to Christie’s ambitions

Earlier this year, both houses of the New Jersey Legislature unanimously adopted a bill (S2360) that would require that law enforcement be notified if someone seeking to purchase a firearm went to court to expunge a record of a mental health commitment.

Seeking to promote his presidential aspirations by catering to extremists in the gun lobby, Governor Christie went against recommendations by law enforcement officials and the courts, and vetoed the bill.  Then, the New Jersey Senate passed a resolution to override the veto. Sussex County’s Senator Steve Oroho, who originally voted in favor of the bill, voted to sustain Christie’s veto.

Last week, the New Jersey Assembly voted on a similar resolution. It failed by 3 votes in the 80 member body. Assemblyman Parker Space, who originally voted for the bill, voted against overriding the veto. Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus started her legislative career by mimicking Space and Oroho.