Parker Space Applauds Unregistered Guns

Why does the rest of the state disrespect Sussex County?  Here’s why!  At last night’s debate at the Newton High School sponsored by the New Jersey Herald, GOP Assemblyman Parker Space, who is running for reelection in the 24th Legislative District, said, “There is nothing better than an unregistered gun, believe me.”


When asked whether he possessed unregistered firearms, Space didn’t answer directly. Instead he said: “I’m saying that when the liberals take over everything they are not going to be able to track you down and take your weapons away from you.”

Really, he said that! In public!  Here is the clip, starting at time index 56:20

Democratic Candidate Jacky Stapel had just pointed out that Sussex County’s representatives in Trenton had to work to dispel a perception in the rest of the state that our county is a backwater that is out of step with the rest of the state, and with society in general.

Space’s statement about unregistered weapons, together with his earlier statement deriding legislation that prohibits retrofitting diesel powered vehicles to enable “coal rolling”, is precisely what creates the negative perceptions that concern Stapel. Our representatives in Trenton cannot be effective, or even be taken seriously in promoting Sussex County’s interests, if they exacerbate rather than ameliorate the negative impression created by statements like those Space uttered publicly in this campaign.

The New Jersey State Democratic Committee issued this press release which provides the details.