A weakened Garrett faces challenge by Josh Gottheimer

Scott Garrett’s homophobia has been exposed. So has the extent of his right wing fanaticism. Notably, he helped found a reactionary block in the GOP congressional caucus that seeks to close down our government. Even Republicans are taking notice. As a result, it appears that Congressman Garrett’s lock on re-election has disappeared.

Josh_Gottheimer_01.jpgAnd it also appears that there is a Democrat who is ready, willing and able to take him on. Bergen County resident Josh Gottheimer is ready for the job. He’s politically connected and savvy. And he has the means. It’s more than a year before the next election in the 5th Congressional District and he has already raised well over a million dollars for his campaign. And there’s a prospect for more financial help from national Democratic organizations.

The Star Ledger has details.

However, Garret’s Wall Street constituency hasn’t given up on him. For the financial industry, he’s money well spent.