Why is Garrett downplaying his role in fomenting congressional chaos?

Scott Garrett was one of the nine founders of the “House Freedom Caucus”, which now numbers about forty members of House of Representatives. This tiny group is just large enough to have driven Speaker John Boehner out of office and to have created general chaos in Congress.

scott_garrett_05.jpgThis is the cadre of right wing ideologues in Congress who don’t like government and are perfectly willing to shut it down.

Why is Garrett going low key on his involvement in the current congressional turmoil while, other members of his group are loud and clear that they’re fine with the chaos, even if leads to a government shutdown?

Why is Garrett trying to deflect blame for his role in bringing about the chaos, by blaming the United States Senate?

Why is Garrett downplaying his role in bringing about this farce?

Well, look at the constituency that elected Garrett. It leans Republican. However, Garrett must recognize that not everyone in his GOP base, particularly in the high rent areas of Bergen County, is happy with his reactionary antics.

That -- and the promise of a strong challenge next November by Josh Gottheimer, who is a savvy politician with backing from the Democratic National Committee -- are likely the reasons why Garrett feels the need to downplay his key role in bringing on a truly remarkable national crisis.