Frelinghuysen thinks we don’t know who backs the Iran deal

Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen bemoans that there’s not been enough discussion by politicians about the Iran deal.

rodney_frelinghuysen_02.jpgIn a recent newsletter, he claims that Congressional Democrats have deprived Americans of their right to know how politicians come down on the question.

Congressman Frelinghuysen – get real!...By now, any American who doesn’t know exactly how politicians feel about the Iran deal, either doesn’t care about it, or lives in a cave.

Congressman Frelinghuysen, just in case you haven’t kept track, here’s the scorecard:

Every Republican in Congress locked step with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to oppose the agreement except libertarian Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who, when he had an opportunity, voted "present."

As for New Jersey Democrats in Congress -- Senator Cory Booker and Representatives Frank Pallone, William Pascrell, Donald Payne, and Bonnie Watson supported the President. Senator Robert Menendez and Congressmen Donald Norcross and Albio Sires did not.

If you are in doubt as to which other Democrats in Congress support the agreement and who oppose it, use Google.

And the number of those in Congress -- Democrat or Republican -- who object to the Administration’s plan and propose alternatives -- none.