Bridgegate resurfaces. President Chris Christie? Not likely.

To the chagrin of Chris Christie, The Bridgegate scandal is not quite dead.

chris_christie_02.jpgDavid Samson, a friend and campaign money raiser whom Christie appointed to head the Port Authority, is facing a criminal investigation for taking payola on a really grand scale. Samson got a specially created direct airline route from Newark to his vacation home in South Carolina. The quid pro quo? The airline got valuable concessions at Newark Liberty Airport, which is run by the agency Samson headed.

On Tuesday United Airlines fired its president and two other top executives for their role in the deal.

Christie doesn’t have much to say about the scandal.

Tom Moran of the Star ledger sees this as the last nail in the coffin carrying Christie’s presidential ambitions.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who, together with State Senator Loretta Weinberg co-chairs the committee investigating Bridgegate, calls upon the Governor to face the facts, abandon a nice try at the presidency, and get back to work in New Jersey.

Conservative columnist Paul Mulshine is beginning to lean towards the possibility that Christie’s recent bizarre conduct and contradictory stories might indicate insanity.