Senator Booker backs the nuclear deal with Iran

On Thursday, September 3rd, Senator Cory Booker announced his support for the Iran nuclear deal.

corey_booker_02.jpgThe day before, Barbara Mikulski (D-Md), announced her support. That killed any attempt by opponents in Congress to abrogate the deal. She was the 34th Senator to back the president. And that assured that his threatened veto would be sustained in the United States Senate.

Booker had plenty of encouragement from left and right to stand behind the Obama Administration’s plan.

Yesterday, Tom Moran chided the Senator for his fence straddling and called upon him to back the deal.

And, calls for action came from the right as well. In the same issue of the Star-Ledger, Columnist Paul Mulshine asked Booker to stand behind the deal.

On the same day, two other senators announced their support for the President’s efforts. That brought the total to 37. If four more come on board – and that’s a possibility -- a vote to block the Iran agreement won’t even make it to the Senate floor.