Stapel Decries Spurious Attack on Planned Parenthood

During the SCDC meeting on Thursday, August 27th, assembly candidate Jacky Stapel called upon Sussex County Democrats to stand behind Planned Parenthood by attending the September 9th meeting of the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

SCDC_mtg_20150827_01.jpgGOP Assembly candidate and incumbent Freeholder Gail Phoebus plans to introduce a resolution demanding a criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood. She supports her demand with the spurious allegation that the organization makes a business of selling organs. She has publicly stated as a “fact that they are taking infants” and selling body parts. She’s wrong. The attack is scurrilous.

Stapel urges those of us with actual knowledge of the work of Planned Parenthood to join her to testify against Phoebus’s resolution. It’s important to set the record straight to counter the misinformation upon which Phoebus is asking the Freeholders to act. Before the Freeholder Board acts precipitously on Phoebus’ grandstanding political ploy, its members should know the true facts regarding the work of Planned Parenthood -- which is to serve the gynecological needs of women, many of whom have no other place else to turn.

Phoebus plans to present her resolution for a criminal investigation at the September 9, 2015 meeting of the Freeholder board which commences at 5 pm at the County Office building located at 1 Spring Street in Newton, New Jersey.

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