Senator Booker – support the President on Iran

Our junior United States Senator, Cory Booker, continues to sit on the fence on whether he will vote with, or against, President Barack Obama on the Iran nuclear deal

corey_booker_01.jpgOur senior Senator, Robert Menendez, has already joined all declared Republican Senators to thwart the President’s efforts.

Kudos to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid who has joined what’s beginning to look like sufficient Democratic Senate support to enable the President’s plan. This, despite heavy pressure from some Jewish groups to kill the deal following Benjamin Netanyahu’s pitch to Congress to abandon the multi national accord. Significantly, Netanyahu offered no alternative to a negotiated settlement with Iran.

Actually, the Israeli Prime Minister may have an alternative in mind. He and his right wing cabinet are seriously considering war as a viable option. Recently they nearly attacked Iran. And such a unilateral military action by Israel would almost certainly bring the United States into the picture.

Senator Booker – we don’t need another war in the Middle East. If you decide not to back the President, please state clearly your alternative solution.